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Rubber Demotivational Poster


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house - July 13, 2011, 2:07 am
5L. Love it. could have left the 'anymore' off though
forseti - July 13, 2011, 1:14 am
LOL! 5 fingers

CURIOSITY - Let's be honest, you're gonna call that number now aren't you?

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More motifakes by Mitchell

BoneCD - September 11, 2009, 9:36 pm
Funny Mitchell!

RUBBER DUCKIES - They're not just for bath time anymore

SO ERNIE? - Ya left me for Big Bird cause he looks like a big rubber ducky. How 'bout this for a big bird so start the ducking!

THE CIRCLE OF LIFE - It started with a shredded rubber and it ends with one

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More motifakes by culos

5150monkeylove - December 2, 2010, 8:44 pm
I really did LOL when I saw this one... 5 Leaps of faith
foresti - December 2, 2010, 6:50 pm
...and both issues are planned by women.

VISIT MONSTER ISLAND! - Now with a great scenic view of wandering Kaiju!

GODZILLA'S BIGGEST FANGIRL - Jesus! I didn't think Asian girls got THAT big!

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More motifakes by jalford

LogicDude - July 31, 2009, 1:56 pm
If you have ANY doubts you should go to naughtyfake.com and look at some of Cubbybear's posters!

SESAME STREET PSA - If it's not love Use a glove

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY NIK - Roses r red, violets r blue! Just a little poster to say happy b-day and I love you!!!

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More motifakes by MO

agdaniele - July 26, 2010, 2:14 am
LMAO! That's what I'm talking about!
MO - July 26, 2010, 2:14 am
All kidding aside...what's my fav drink?
MO - July 26, 2010, 2:13 am
LOL!! That's niiiice!!!
agdaniele - July 26, 2010, 2:08 am
What? No Riunite on ice?
MO - July 26, 2010, 2:07 am
agdaniele - July 26, 2010, 2:06 am
I'll just assume you've had too many midori sours tonight.
MO - July 26, 2010, 2:03 am
Well that just warms that cockles of my heart!!! (that's really gay, but i've always wanted to say it, and untill now I've really never found a situation that called for that much gayness......) But seriously.....thanks. Miss you fuckers too!!
agdaniele - July 26, 2010, 2:01 am
All kidding aside... it's good to see you around again. A lot has gone on... don't know how much you are aware of. We'll have to fill you in whenever you decide to stay for more than a weekend.
agdaniele - July 26, 2010, 1:59 am
You're greatly missed here... and don't think that you're just throwin' a bone once a month here! We want more!
MO - July 26, 2010, 1:57 am
I'm dreading the day....websensen hasn't hit my AOR yet. Not that I've been on much at work lately.....but still to take down logic? That's just a tragedy in and of itself.......miss ya buddy!!!!
MO - July 26, 2010, 1:55 am
Soon as I get some god damn help at work....I'm gonna be back on a more permanent basis. Don't hate. I'd be here non-stop if I could.
agdaniele - July 26, 2010, 1:52 am
Selfish bitch!
agdaniele - July 26, 2010, 1:52 am
Well, hell... you manage to stay away more than those who have been lost to WebSense!
MO - July 26, 2010, 1:50 am
And BTW....quickies is all I can manage with you hookers now~ You know this site is like crack!! "Every time I think I'm out...THEY PULL ME BACK IN!!!"
agdaniele - July 26, 2010, 1:47 am
DAmn, dude! That's some serious commitment after moving to Cali... lots of beach to comb.
MO - July 26, 2010, 1:46 am
Nah! I left her ass in Jersey. But she's comin out for good in Octoberish....
agdaniele - July 26, 2010, 1:42 am
Speaking of HNIK, did she come with you, or did you abandon her like you did us... just dropping by for quickies?
agdaniele - July 26, 2010, 1:41 am
Ha! Regular, indeed. The crew is a bit bigger, and we're suffering witdrawls from several... including you. MWLF isn't around, nor is Logic... but he's making an attempt to be around a bit more. Still... we aren't patrollling the streets like we used to.
MO - July 26, 2010, 1:41 am
Oh I'm still In.....they made the mistake of promoting my sorry ass. Now I'm the HNIC of my engine room and I've got a shit ton to learn before I can start whippin my bad news bears into shape.....
MO - July 26, 2010, 1:39 am
I have been checking in every now and then...seems the crew has grown by a few......and the timmys have come and gone. Good to see the regulars are.....staying regular...
agdaniele - July 26, 2010, 1:39 am
A real job? What, you aren't USCG?
MO - July 26, 2010, 1:35 am
put an o after that n....
MO - July 26, 2010, 1:35 am
N sir! I went and got me a real job that has soaked up all of my free time....I drink as much as I can in the 3 hours I have off....
agdaniele - July 26, 2010, 1:34 am
It's always the same.... you bait me in, then leave me wanting. LOL!
MO - July 26, 2010, 1:33 am
LOLMAO!! I'm not talkin posters...I'm joshin with you about how long it usually takes to just get your acknowlegement after my usual absence....I gotta blab away for a few weeks till you feel i'm gonna hang......and then.....poof....gone again!!!
agdaniele - July 26, 2010, 1:29 am
I just figured you got to California, and slid into the snob-nose culture.... too good for motifaking now. Either that, or you stopped drinking.
agdaniele - July 26, 2010, 1:29 am
Two weeks? TWO WEEKS? You're flattering yourself! You ain't never around!!! Let me see... one poster made in April... only one poster in May... Hmmmmm... nothing in June or July... and I ain't counting this one, joker!
MO - July 26, 2010, 1:28 am
Oh yeah....what's fricken even weirder is......I grew up here.....snot the same...
MO - July 26, 2010, 1:27 am
What's a shock is that my mentor and bestest motifaker hasn't shunned me for a two week break in period......jeebus Aggy!! That has to be the record!!! *sniff*
agdaniele - July 26, 2010, 1:25 am
LOL! Culture shock, ain't it?
MO - July 26, 2010, 1:24 am
Ayup! And It's damn weird.....
agdaniele - July 26, 2010, 1:23 am
LMAO!!!! Well, if it ain't the Beverly Hillbilly! Move to Cali yet?
MO - July 26, 2010, 1:22 am
Happy birthday muffin!!! Damn.... I'm too lazy to make a new poster.....LOVE YA!!!
MO - December 29, 2009, 3:46 am
And in case anyone's still confused aboot who the hell Jeffey is? This was just some random pic I found while searching for a B-day poster for NIK. (you all good now Mooooo?)
MO - November 2, 2009, 6:29 pm
Imunna go with post-fake!
Mooooooooooooooooooo - August 6, 2009, 10:54 am
Does it make it easier when the ducks are in a row?.......does it save time ...and lubricant?.....or is there some kind of limit, Like during hunting season, Still confused.
agdaniele - August 1, 2009, 4:28 pm
I think 6 flags refer to the Ambien butterflies fluttering around his head.
MO - August 1, 2009, 4:27 pm
Make a list...i'll address them one at a time.....gotta get my ducks in a row...
Mooooooooooooooooooo - August 1, 2009, 4:27 pm
I think you have only confused me more MO....Jeffey is Nik?....what did you do to the duck?
TheTrashHeap - August 1, 2009, 4:24 pm
Have a great weekend Mo, cause on monday you may have to translate a number of comments.
agdaniele - August 1, 2009, 4:22 pm
Enjoy 6 flags, lunatic!
MO - August 1, 2009, 4:21 pm
Talking to said GF on the telly I'd be faking instead of paying attention....and good lord....I'm going to 6 flags!!! See yuz guys on Monday!!!
MO - August 1, 2009, 4:20 pm
Jeffey. Good lord I'm confused!! How bout u guys? So looong story short. I got duck off red wine (in a box) was extremely mean to my GF (jeffey) and hence here we are. Jacuzzi? I thought I was taking flack (quack) for being on motifake. In the past when..
Mooooooooooooooooooo - July 26, 2009, 3:40 am
Goodnight room. Goodnight moon. Goodnight cow jumping over the moon. Goodnight light, and the red balloon..."
agdaniele - July 26, 2009, 3:34 am
Take it easy, Haar.
MO - July 26, 2009, 3:34 am
MOOOOWHOOOOOOOO!!!!!! That's a viking buhbye...i think...Bye Haarkkk
Mooooooooooooooooooo - July 26, 2009, 3:33 am
night Haar.
Mooooooooooooooooooo - July 26, 2009, 3:33 am
I work out of my car. I often have to be somewhere but have no real "work" to do....so I watch Tv on my laptop.
agdaniele - July 26, 2009, 3:32 am
Who is Lag?
agdaniele - July 26, 2009, 3:32 am
LMFAO!!! Mooooo... adapting, adjusting, overcoming (at their house)
Haarakkon - July 26, 2009, 3:32 am
Lag is killing me. I'm out. TTYL.
agdaniele - July 26, 2009, 3:31 am
I find that a girl who is good at oral is more effective than Ambien.
Mooooooooooooooooooo - July 26, 2009, 3:31 am
funny. we were just talking aboot passed out girlfriends at poker.....apparently my friends want me to stop hanging around their places at night.
agdaniele - July 26, 2009, 3:31 am
Animal Planet? Maybe the 2/1 cup video I saw differs from your version.
Haarakkon - July 26, 2009, 3:30 am
Always pissed me off, my wife can do that too. I toss and turn forever.
agdaniele - July 26, 2009, 3:30 am
Ummmmm.... I'm guessing you like sneaking underage girls into drive-in movies?
Mooooooooooooooooooo - July 26, 2009, 3:30 am
food network? No, more like "animal planet"
agdaniele - July 26, 2009, 3:29 am
Nothing says fun like a passed-out girlfriend.
Mooooooooooooooooooo - July 26, 2009, 3:29 am
Actually. If you look in my trunk there are snacks,movies, space heaters and at least 80 feet of extension cord.
MO - July 26, 2009, 3:28 am
Oh I'll splain further....that woman will fall asleep in a hurricane!!! Not kidding. We get home and not 5 minutes later....out like a......comfy girl....thank god I'm the only one that snors...
agdaniele - July 26, 2009, 3:28 am
Hell, mooooo.... by now, it's just like watching the food network, right?
Haarakkon - July 26, 2009, 3:28 am
That sucks. TTH is good people.
agdaniele - July 26, 2009, 3:27 am
The mooooo survival kit.
Mooooooooooooooooooo - July 26, 2009, 3:27 am
I'm desensitizing myself by watching 2 girls 1 cup over and over.
agdaniele - July 26, 2009, 3:27 am
A lot of fake tits here.... it seem mountanous, but it's not. Easy mistake to make, Haar.
Mooooooooooooooooooo - July 26, 2009, 3:26 am
I tether my Blackberry to get net in the middle of nowhere.....but mostly I watch porn.
agdaniele - July 26, 2009, 3:26 am
Besides, I can't talk.... I'm half falling asleep at 12:30.... just pathetic.
Haarakkon - July 26, 2009, 3:26 am
Well hell. I don't know why, but I always thought Vegas was on Mountain, not Pacific. Doh.
agdaniele - July 26, 2009, 3:25 am
Oh yeah.... time zones. I was referring to Nik alrerady being asleep earlier... oh, nevermind. I'll just let the joke bomb on it's own without further explanation.
Mooooooooooooooooooo - July 26, 2009, 3:25 am
Trash has no laptop...so he's pretty well fucked... 12 hours with very little to do.
agdaniele - July 26, 2009, 3:24 am
I went through a lapse in spelling over the last two weeks. Getting back on track now.
Haarakkon - July 26, 2009, 3:24 am
Great for isolated folks.
MO - July 26, 2009, 3:24 am
Agg..I know it's only midnight your time....I"m working on tree-terdy here..sooookay bust out the sippy cap!
agdaniele - July 26, 2009, 3:24 am
LOL.... tryin' to push it off on someone else, Haar?
agdaniele - July 26, 2009, 3:23 am
If a birthday is going to be cut unintentionally short, and sprinkled with irritation, shouldn't you be the one who fell asleep early, MO?
Haarakkon - July 26, 2009, 3:23 am
I've a satellite DSL hook up I'll sell him, cheap.
Mooooooooooooooooooo - July 26, 2009, 3:22 am
Fucking Nazi's ...always alert.
agdaniele - July 26, 2009, 3:22 am
No one to ralk to? What, he's Scooby Doo now?
Mooooooooooooooooooo - July 26, 2009, 3:21 am
Mooooooooooooooooooo - July 26, 2009, 3:21 am
TTH is in the middle of nowhere...no DSL...no one to ralk to....hell, No bathroom....He's been calling to bitch.
agdaniele - July 26, 2009, 3:21 am
There are those lapses in comment response... but it's way past Seany-poo's bed time.
MO - July 26, 2009, 3:20 am
who der??
agdaniele - July 26, 2009, 3:20 am
Not asleep, but I'm in need of it.
MO - July 26, 2009, 3:19 am
SEE? Mention a mofo and there they go........commenting while you're typin trash.....TRASH???? AGGY????
Mooooooooooooooooooo - July 26, 2009, 3:19 am
Knock, Knock.
MO - July 26, 2009, 3:17 am
CCCCCOMBO....never mind!!! I like to switch it up every now and then....funny.....I wonder around this time who is passed out at their computers....Sean? Harrk? Where'd ja go? Moooooo I'm not even gonna mention your name...you may just knock on my door...
Sean - July 26, 2009, 2:50 am
Pssst! NIK. I think MO knows about Jeffrey. Better down low it for a tad hon. He'll soon come to think he just imagined it. His insecurity is your biggest ally. P.S. I need a good pool boy, can I have his #? I mean, yer not using him for a bit ....
MO - July 25, 2009, 5:42 pm
Fred's ded. Nobody here but Jeffey...
BoneCD - July 25, 2009, 5:40 pm
Nik - July 25, 2009, 4:37 pm
Awww!! That's so sweet Hank!! I mean MO. Thank You!!
agdaniele - July 25, 2009, 4:03 pm
Awwwwwwwwwwwwww.... Happy Birthday Nik! (AKA, Jeffrey)
BoneCD - July 25, 2009, 3:13 pm
Good one MO...Happy B-Day Nik!!!
Surri-Sama - July 25, 2009, 2:29 pm
This is sweet...to bad fools will probably bash it :|

Ekki-Ekki-Ekki-Ekki-PTANG! Zoom-Boing, Z'nourrwringmm -

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More motifakes by Silverheart

Silverheart - September 27, 2013, 8:01 pm

I'd like to see that! I've hit a snag on the 'bring out your dead' poster, can't find a decent quality pic
spacedog - September 27, 2013, 7:45 pm
HA! I've thought about doing one on the original "red wedding" when Lancelot goes berserk. Nice one 5ilver.
Silverheart - September 27, 2013, 3:31 pm

As you wish
MissPriss - September 27, 2013, 2:32 pm
best movie ever...a 5l do onenow bout the bring out yer dead...pwetty please...for a gal in pain.bats her eyelashes and pouts.


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More motifakes by Greeny


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More motifakes by sickartist

Avenlanzer - December 21, 2010, 4:50 am
This moment brought to you by RULE # 34.
Bob D. Sailor - February 24, 2010, 6:06 pm
Some things should have never made it to the internet, this is one of them.


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More motifakes by Verdeckt


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More motifakes by Haarakkon

BoneCD - September 5, 2009, 7:30 am
And where is the duct tape...or as my wife says "Duck Tape"
agdaniele - September 4, 2009, 11:16 pm
Go where? I know the "macabre venting" of law enforcement when I see it.
Haarakkon - September 4, 2009, 11:14 pm
Not a beat cop, but yes, I am paid by the county. And before you go there, Agd, I'm also a volunteer Fire Chief.
agdaniele - September 4, 2009, 11:02 pm
You're in law enforcement?
Haarakkon - September 4, 2009, 11:01 pm
No. Just getting the macabre out of my system.
Haarakkon - September 4, 2009, 10:57 pm
Past my bedtime anyway.
agdaniele - September 4, 2009, 10:56 pm
So, is this in regards to a drifter?
agdaniele - September 4, 2009, 10:56 pm
Damn near had me swearing off sobriety, Haar!
Haarakkon - September 4, 2009, 10:55 pm
I was responding to your first comment, not knowing that Sean had posted in the mean time... Sigh... Fuggedaboudit
agdaniele - September 4, 2009, 10:55 pm
I'm teaching it. Bitch.
Haarakkon - September 4, 2009, 10:54 pm
And Motifake Sensitivity Training? Relax, Agd, this oughtta be a 10 minute course.
agdaniele - September 4, 2009, 10:54 pm
I was confused, now I'm baffled. Huh?
Haarakkon - September 4, 2009, 10:52 pm
Yeah, me too. It seems you *can* get brain damage from multiple concussions in one week. Even with a rubber mallet.
agdaniele - September 4, 2009, 10:52 pm
Ok, a drifter?
Sean - September 4, 2009, 10:51 pm
Sean - September 4, 2009, 10:51 pm
THAT tears it. You two can car pool to you Motifake imposed sensitivity training sessions.
agdaniele - September 4, 2009, 10:47 pm
Ummmm.... Haar? If she's a wife, and not a runaway, I'm a bit disturbed.



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More motifakes by Rick69

Rick69 - March 20, 2012, 5:39 pm
Jeezus... I am trapped in Narnia ?!
carebear - March 20, 2012, 5:36 pm
(carebear BANNED)
Rick69 - March 20, 2012, 4:59 pm
Why thank you... nice to see you around again...
carebear - March 20, 2012, 4:40 pm
(carebear BANNED)
CloudchaserS - March 20, 2012, 3:01 am
I'm thinking of the song Bungee Jumping People Die by Antiproduct
adogg777 - March 19, 2012, 10:17 pm
wtf who is that yo mom
Nissta - March 19, 2012, 8:25 pm
I remember my bungee jump mainly because all that went through my mind was "What The F.... ARGH AHHHHHHHHHHHH
Rick69 - March 19, 2012, 4:14 pm
... Oh ... I thought you would pick up on me using "because" twice in the first clause ... ;D
M0rd3kaI - March 19, 2012, 4:02 pm
Nice poster 5L... but here comes M0 with his OCD... I can rig and bungee jump using standard Dynamic rope (EN892) which is composite synthetic strands of high strength climbing rope... so, bugee is not always rubber... just sayin' lol
GaryO - March 19, 2012, 9:39 am
Oh, this is devout. Depth, humor, and memory of that rush of one’s life passing rather quickly, before one’s eyes.


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More motifakes by culos

Derek - February 2, 2010, 3:53 pm
I immediately thought "Airman" - but not inconsistent with Culos.
Bovee - February 2, 2010, 10:15 am
nice. 5L's
Faceplant31 - February 2, 2010, 10:03 am
Perfect 5L


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More motifakes by culos

Faceplant31 - June 3, 2010, 6:14 pm
*Nevermind that last comment. Im dumb and will see myself to the school yard so the rest of you can throw rocks at me. (But i think yall know what i was getting at)
Faceplant31 - June 3, 2010, 6:13 pm
Amsome! @ Aggy - u lucky bastard, getting to see the NSFW with the N!
agdaniele - February 20, 2010, 7:19 pm
I REALLY wanted to approve the non-censored version... this is great.

MOTIFAKE HQ - That's the last time Mr. Motifake will let the Sage Greybeards do his landscaping...

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More motifakes by LogicDude

Airman - August 4, 2009, 2:50 pm
I'm sure this is on another site as well.. makes a lot of sense.. with Motifake in the name.
agdaniele - July 29, 2009, 10:41 pm
You definitely don't want to see the back door...
RONSART - July 29, 2009, 4:14 pm
Agree with Mr. BoneCD...well done!
BoneCD - July 29, 2009, 3:34 pm
Another LD jewel...5 Golden Poodles

PERVERT - What Else Where You Looking For?

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More motifakes by Robert

FLAMMABLE MATERIAL - Please don't smoke here

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More motifakes by radioactive13

stygian616 - February 24, 2010, 8:07 am
haha oh your right im sorry...FUCK OFF!
DreMagnum - February 24, 2010, 12:17 am
Probably your mom
stygian616 - February 23, 2010, 11:46 pm
oh my god who the fuck is that on the left???

Drunk? W’y yes….yes I am -

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More motifakes by GaryO

GaryO - May 2, 2014, 11:55 am
Know what's fun, uggy? Seeing yer comment (avatar) right beside this balloon creation...heh heh
MissPriss - May 2, 2014, 11:27 am
They're always sooooo cute as babies...then the little shyts grow up!
ughomer - May 2, 2014, 2:32 am

THE JOURNEY - SHO still says 'Are We There Yet' in his sleep

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More motifakes by Airman

Sho - March 17, 2012, 1:02 pm
I 5till wonder how I am the only one that ended up on Motifake
mariand - March 16, 2012, 4:47 pm
lol... the resemblance is shocking

Rubber Duck -

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More motifakes by Ism

dy2012 - May 5, 2013, 4:59 pm
At sea,on land.Sho is making a BANG!
Sho - May 3, 2013, 1:54 am
Haha thank you and I know how you feel. I've been through that too. But don't be afraid to try. That's how you get even better
Ism - May 3, 2013, 1:45 am
TY :D Sho I am Honored... I try to stay Humorous.. but I love your Gift for the Morbid, Aberrant, & Abnormal Motifakes... I have 4-5 Posters unfinished saved.. yet fear to post.. Afraid they will be Used Against me during a "Court Ordered Evaluation"
Sho - May 2, 2013, 11:39 pm
Boys will be boys eh? 5Lols

RESOURCEFULNESS - why do you need a bluetooth device when you got an old phone and rubber bands?

After Death -

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More motifakes by Greeny

Reality Lord - February 11, 2016, 7:55 am

yeah, i love the subtly of this.
Rick69 - February 9, 2016, 4:58 pm
Took me a while to get... Worth it.
GaryO - February 7, 2016, 11:32 pm
spacedog - February 7, 2016, 5:56 pm
Well done Greeny. A co-worker and friend wanted his obituary to start with "Boat for Sale!" 5L
lgvernon - February 7, 2016, 5:32 pm

Sometimes I think 'Let the looting begin,' should be said immediately after pronouncing death. At least that way everyone would have a starting point. Kind of like 'Gentlemen, start your engines.' Good poster.

spelling lesson on Poster Evolution -

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More motifakes by mizzdizz

mizzdizz - June 22, 2017, 6:40 am
Thanks, guys! I made this on the Poster Evolution thread. Silvy provided the pic. I slapped one of my favorite sayings on it. Come play! If you have any questions, or need help making the thread work, just ask. Its fun!!!!
SanityFree - June 22, 2017, 4:26 am
One of your most ducked up ones yet, UP yours!
CloudchaserS - June 22, 2017, 4:05 am
Fear of the duck, fear of the duuuuck, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yhyAm31cr2E
concern3 - June 21, 2017, 7:08 pm
very nice, UP yours
mizzdizz - June 21, 2017, 3:02 pm
Thanks guys! RL, it's Silvy, JW, and myself right now. Tis a silly group! Come join in!
Silverheart - June 21, 2017, 10:30 am

Very ducking good.
Reality Lord - June 21, 2017, 7:46 am

very good